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Andrea Silenzi is the Senior Producer of The Gist with Mike Pesca, a daily news show from Slate. She also hosts the podcast Why Oh Why.

She previously worked as the Producer of Central Standard on KCUR in Kansas City, and as a Culture Producer for WNYC in New York. She is a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and Wesleyan University.

Her work has aired on the Organist Podcast from Believer Magazine and KCRW, BBC4, StoryCorps, PRI's Studio 360, WNYC News, Re:Sound, APM's Performance Today, Saltcast, and on Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker. She holds the world record for most guests booked for an hour-long radio show, and that's 67.

To get in touch with Andrea, send an e-mail to her full name at

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Photo by Pat Byrne

This is me at a remote broadcast of WFMU's Seven Second Delay. I help the show as a producer, occasional on-air personality, and help ghostwrite their newsletter.

Photo by Bill Anderson

Here I am producing Central Standard. For the program I researched and selected show topics, booked guests, directed live shows, call screened, ran weekly editorial meetings, supervised interns, and oversaw our website.

Photo by Bruce Gilden

Here I am using a tiny digital camera to videotape Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden for WNYC's Street Shots series. This video now has over a half million views to date.


(even more spots you can find me online)

THE ORGANIST PODCAST: I'm a contributor to Believer Magazine/KCRW's incredible new podcast The Oragnist. On it, you've heard me talk about the quest to find a new Happy Birthday song, and I produced a story featuring Jonathan Coulton about the strange (and infuriating) intersection of Sir Mix-A-Lot, US copyright laws, and Glee.

TRANSOM'S DEEP WIRELESS BLOG: A few years ago (2009, 2010, 2011) I blogged from Toronto's Deep Wireless Festival for the Peabody award-winning website Transom.

GOTHAMIST: My short video about an urban pig roast was featured on Gothamist and on

HOW I MET MIKE PESCA: Check out this story from 2007 on NPR.

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